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The book traces the development of Carshalton House Estate from the beginning of the 18th century until the present day and describes the occupants; the development of the pleasure grounds, the Water Tower, the Hermitage, Sham Bridge and garden structures lost from the site. Included are Ancillary features, the service buildings and walled gardens, and the Mansion itself.


In paperback form, the book has 266 pages and fully illustrated in colour, written by Jean Irvine Knight with an introduction by Mark Girouard.


All the money raised by the sale of the book, after the printing costs are taken into account, will go directly into the Trust’s funds to assist in the upkeep of our unique property.

Carshalton House:

A Landscaped Country Seat

£15 + £3.45 p&p


This paperback has 266 pages & is fully Illustrated in colour






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Carshalton House - A Landscaped Country Seat



With the Foreword by Mark Girouard and the text by Jean Irvine Knight, this book gives an account of the development of the small estate, which rarely survive today, from the beginning of the 18th century to the present day. During the first century it can boast of such famous inhabitants as Dr John Radcliffe, Admiral Lord Anson and several merchants, such as Sir John Fellowes  who shaped and reshaped the landscape and follies. From the mid-19th century, educationalists are the occupants, culminating with the Daughters of the Cross’ very successful school and tenure of over 100 years.


The book is divided into 6 sections:

1. The Owners & Occupants

2. The Development of the Pleasure Grounds

3. The Water Tower

4. Garden Follies

5. The Ancillary features

6. The Mansion - The House Tour and Other Areas of the Mansion




About the Author


Jean Irvine Knight NDD., BA., ATC., CLS., MSc.


Jean has been associated with Carshalton House Estate since the 1980s. She came to live in Carshalton in 1962 and joined the Carshalton Society to discover more about the area’s history. The late Dr Wilks, then Chair of the Society, persuaded her to join a committee which the Daughters of the Cross had set up to help them manage, what was effectively the 18th century pleasure ground area, with the follies, of their Estate.


The Daughters founded Carshalton Water Tower Trust to administer the Water Tower and in 1992 Jean took on the role of Chairman of the newly established Friends. Their role was to open the building to the general public and raise funds for its maintenance and refurbishment. Jean had previous experience of volunteering at the Crystal Palace and the Fan Museums. Because of their success, by the late 1990s, the Friends took on the responsibility of the Hermitage and later the Lake bed area. To encompass these additions, a Company and a new Charity, Carshalton Water Tower and Historic Garden Trust, were set up. Jean became the Company Secretary.


On retirement from her post of Head of the Department of Contextual & Theoretical studies at Croydon College of Art, she was able to devote more time to the Trust and to carry out the necessary research for this book. Drawing on her professional experience, both in the arts and the building trade, and with the support of the Friends, she was able to write this book, Carshalton House: A Landscaped Country Seat, for the Trust.

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Mark has a long and distinguished career as an architectural writer and international lecturer. He is an authority on the development of the country house and has won awards for his books.


He worked for Country Life magazine, becoming its architectural editor in the 1960s. Mark was the Slade Professor of Fine Art in the 70s and the 80s saw him elected a Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London.


During the 90s he became a Trustee of The Architect Foundation and the very supportive Patron of Carshalton Water Tower and Historic Garden Trust.

Mark Girouard FSA

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